Robert Taylor Homes

Bordered by Pershing Road on the south, State Street on the east,
the Rock Island Railroad tracks on the west and 54th Street on the


Robert Taylor was considered the largest public housing development in the world when it was completed in
1962. With more than 4,300 units, this massive development occupied a two-mile long stretch of south State
Street. The apartments were arrayed in a linear series of 28 16-story high-rises, which formed a kind of kind of
concrete curtain for traffic passing by on the nearby Dan Ryan Expressway. Most of these high-rises have been
demolished, and the remaining buildings will be closed by 2005. By containing a large low-income population on
an isolated site, the Robert Taylor property became a national symbol for the errant philosophy of post-war
public housing.

Existing Conditions

To prepare for the redevelopment of the Taylor property, demolition of the site is ongoing. All but five of the
original 28 buildings had been razed by the beginning of 2003. About 1,800 residents currently live in Robert

Need information on Quincy (see 251 units built with the 1996 HOPE VI grant).

Plan for Transformation
: Mixed-Income Redevelopment

The master redevelopment plan for Robert Taylor includes construction of 2,388 mixed-income rental and
homeownership units, community facilities, and new retail space. Approximately 851 of the planned 2,388 units
will be public housing replacement units, as reflected on the chart below. Redevelopment for this site will occur in
three implementation phases.

Construction will begin first on the northern portion of the property, where 894 units of mixed-income housing will
be added. These units include 290 public housing apartments. The breakdown on these units is reflected in the
chart to the right. To set the stage for groundbreaking, the city is currently making improvements to the street
grid and the surrounding sewer system.

Plans for the southern part of the site are still in formation. Meanwhile, the CHA is adding 251 new units of
housing in the surrounding neighborhood. The Brinshore/Micheals Development Company is the development
team for Robert Taylor.

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