The Life Center’s theme is centered around the church’s mission of maintaining and building
partnerships that support a healthy and holistic lifestyle. These enriching partnerships include
strengthening relationships with God, churches, communities, community leaders, businesses and
youth. The weeklong celebration began with introducing the Life Center to one of its primary serving
targets, the community in which it resides.

“The seeds for what has become the Life Center are born out of the hearts and spirits of the TBCoC
Congregation,” said Dr. Alan V. Ragland, Senior Pastor. The vision for the Life Center began as a
necessity for more space to accommodate a growing congregation and facilitate teaching centered
ministries. However, Dr. Ragland said divine inspiration led him to actively reach out and partner with
political figures, community leaders, business groups and churches. “We are part of a universal church
in which we are all connected, fulfilling our mission in not limited to our congregation but extends to the
world and local communities to make a difference,” Dr. Ragland said.

The Life Center, with a total construction cost of over $10 million, is designed to provide educational
training, day care, wellness development, physical recreation, as well as a chapel for intimate worship.
Third Baptist Church of Chicago celebrated the grand
opening of their newly constructed, four-story, 57,000 sq.
ft. Life Center at 1551 W. 95th St. in October.
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